Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am no one

I've been told that my blog is not really bloggy enough. I guess that means I don't rant about random everyday stuff with wack english that I express off the top of my dome. I also lack slightly obtuse, maybe cool and probably ironic titles to blog entries. And when I blog I don't blog about other blogs enough, which is what most blogs blog about (to that I say, I have my selected music sources and that's all I need). The other problem is I blog about well known artists like Bruce Springsteen and Kaiser Chiefs, so my indie cred is questionable at best. I will try to rectify these matters.

The other day I went to see Ladyhawke at Melkweg through sleet/rain/snow at 11 o'clock at night on my bike, super syked to see a home-town girl (via Wellington) done good. I checked for a VIP entrance or at least VIP line cos my name was on the door but eventually had to stand in line like all the paying customers. Then as I approached the ticket booth to say I was on the guesty and request my media pass I looked over to my left and OMG, who's at the other counter asking for their media pass but Cobrasnake and Steve Aoki. I'm sweatin' cos the chick at the counter seems to be totes struggling to find my name, WTF. She asked my name again, I said it and told her what I did and then she checked another list, and then she asked a dude, and then she asked my name again, and then she asked 'was that with a C' and then she told me I wasn't on the list, WWF! A music hack's worse nightmare - might I actually have to pay for something? I bet this never happens to the guys at Stereogum or Gorilla vs Bear or even Bobby of Bobbysix fame. And never to Cobrabags and Aoki who coolly cruised on through in their ironic matching sweaters. Wasn't my as cool as coolly, my iron as irony and my douche as douchey? "But I'm the Stopdroprocknroll guy." I put my feet up on her desk and yelled down her phone like my profile pic (right, obvy) but she still didn't recognise me. "Recognise, Bitch!" She couldn't. Wow, what a wake up call. Maybe I wasn't a blogstar... But I didn't pay to go in ('sif!?) Instead I went right back home and checked my Google Analytics for reassurance I was important.
thanks for reading.

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