Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: Dan Auerbach - Keep It Hid

From: Time Out
Last year’s Attack Release by The Black Keys saw the duo break into multi-dimensional roots music beyond the stripped-back electric blues of previous records.
Now, singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach’s first solo album Keep It Hid continues the exploration. Opening is ‘Trouble Weighs A Ton,’ a solemn chain-gang gospel before the devilish ‘I Want Some More’ thunders in. ‘Whispered Words’ blends a slow motown swing with Auerbach’s mournful blues voice. ‘Mean Monsoon’ has a voodoo haunt that spills into the dark and dangerous psychedelia of ‘The Prowl’ while ‘My Last Mistake’ feels like freewheeling CCR. Final tune ‘Goin’ Home’ is a little ditty that ends with front porch wind chimes and a sense of ease that re-instils a desire to sit on Auerbach’s veranda, a case of beer between us and get educated by his record collection, track by track til the rains roll in.

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