Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video Interview: Line after line with Dels

I recently interviewed British MC Dels for Spinearth.tv but the sound didn't work with them so I'm posting it here. Can't have all that genius be for nothing.

From: Spinearth.tv
Up n coming British MC, Dels arrives on stage with a bouncing enthusiasm to a hard hitting live drummer and DJ. Supporting Yo Majesty around Europe it's probably the smallest crowd he's played to on the tour and is quick to call the audience to the front. Opener "Eating Clouds" sets the tone, it's upbeat but obstract. Having caught the ears of Hot Chip, the hip electro outfit are now producing his tracks, giving him a unique palette for him to paint his rhymes, the likes of "Eating Clouds", "Shapeshifter", "Myself Malfunction", and "Line After Line". As he notes, it's clich̩ but he's trying to "push the boundaries". With a design background Рfrom toys to installations Рit's all about creating for Dels.
Performing alongside the charismatic ladies of Yo Majesty, they were quick to support his live show, but also give him tips. As a result both he and his tour manager admit his performance has improved ten-fold and he's already thinking about how to improve the next tour. He and Yo Majesty will be back on the continent in the summer for a few shows and festivals so be sure to catch them then.
Dels' myspace
Dels' Blogspot

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