Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Video: Eagles of Death Metal rock Amsterdam

I filmed the Eagles of Death Metal show at Paradiso for SPINearth.tv last week. It was a great show but little did I know that I had friends at the gig... turns out they got backstage and partied with Joey 'Sexy Mexy' Costello and Big Hands O'Connor... and drank their rider. Ho-hum, here's my report.
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The Eagles of Death Metal are fucking rad: sweaty-sexy-truck-stop-rock-n-roll-fucking-rad. Tongue firmly in cheek while still paying respect to the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Lynard Skynard, Foghat and all the great swampy southern skids that ever pickled their livers in sour mash, a EoDM is the best dang knees-up since the Devil went down to Georgia.
And so Jesse 'the Devil' Hughes, Darlin' Dave, Big Hands O'Connor and Joey Castillo the Sexy Mexy took the stage – albeit ironically to "Straight Outta Compton" – and it wasn't long before they let us know what they came to do – Bang. Other standouts throughout the set included "Cherry Cola", "I Want You So Hard" and "High Voltage".
But that wasn't enough. All three levels of the sold out Paradiso crowd were spilling over each other cheering and near done blew the roof off the old church as the Devil took the stage for the encore. He was visibly taken back, pacing the stage, soaking it up and that only made the cheer louder. So he mellowed them down with an old country ballad before covering The Ramones' "Beat on The Brat" and the Stones' "Brown Sugar" to which the rest of the band joined him before closing with "Wannabe in LA".
The Devil's revival rolled into Amsterdam that night and possessed the normally placid Dutch crowd, leaving them baptised in beer and rock n roll and exorcised of all the boring and straight in their life… at least until the next day.

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  1. i think i missed brown sugar.. surely made up for it by drinking all their bourbon afterwards... oh, the life of a rockstar.. you really don't mind leaving all your free beer and bourbon behind for chinsy no-gooders like me to come right up and take it from you. like stealing the unwanted candy from an unwanted baby... pretty sweet.