Friday, March 13, 2009

Video: Yeezy's Steez on AI

I don't like to hate on Yeezy. I like Yeezy. But Yeezy can't sing, and that is fo sho. However auto-tune grants Yeezy the luxury of song. It's granted T-Pain straight up luxury - where would he be without it. But for Yeezy, it means Yeezy can sing. Is it fair for him to be held up as a role model on American Idol where the kids are doing it for reals, doing it tough, if he can't sing without the Auto-tune. Yes. You know why. Cos he rocks the Canadian tuxedo like nobody's biz. That may even be chambre underneath which makes it a triple-double-denim-layer-cake-bonanza-The-Boss-ain't-got-nothing-on-Yeezy's-steez night at American Idol. Who got booted? Who cares.

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