Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Backstage with Casiokids

A few weeks ago I chatted with Norway's fun-lovin' Casiokids backstage at the Paradiso for SPIN Magazine's new online community, Spin Earth – check it out, with correspondents all over the world, it's a global network of exclusive music videos, interviews, performances and general band shenanigans. Fully sick.
Casiokids return to the Paradiso on January 21 and Utrecht’s Tivoli on January 23 supporting Of Montreal.

If superman dug electro-pop he’d probably chill at his icey pad, the Fortress of Solitude to Norway’s Casiokids. The chiming, synth-soaked tunes, sparse and echoed, would sound great amongst his acoustics of ice and crystal. The ethereal vocals, all in Norwegian, would shimmer and dance on every icicle.
At Amsterdam’s Paradiso, these five boys from Bergen entertained a dancing crowd in the kleine zaal with plenty of instrument-swapping and DIY abandon, a fun mix of electro-pop and afro-beat, like Royksopp meets Vampire Weekend, Cut Copy and Liquid Liquid, all with a Scandinavian charm and a touch of innocence through tunes like “Gront lys i alle ledd”, "Fot i hose” and “Verdens storste land”.
Chatting to the band afterwards their charm isn’t just in their music, happy to share stories, laughs and beers as we move through the maze of Paradiso’s backstage corridors.

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