Tuesday, January 20, 2009

of Montreal preview

From: Amsterdam Weekly Blog
Slinky and camp indie-pop with a schizo-bent and a splash of glam, like Phoenix meets Beck circa Midnight Vultures and Ziggy Stardust, of Montreal are upbeat swingers who treat genres like a game of hopscotch, jumping here, jumping there. From whiney indie, Kevin Barnes and co including his alter-ego Georgie Fruit, will raise you up to chin-stroking baroque pop and dizzy disco before dropping you down to street-level with white-boy funk.

"Id Engager" from 2008's Skeletal Lamping

That said, they have an annoying name. Like you can't say "Have you heard of of Montreal" because your friend replies "Yeah, a city in Canada. PS you're stuttering". It doesn't help that they, like silverchair, mess with their typeset so that "of" is with a lower case "O" and doesn't even look like part of their name when you write it. Even more confusingly, of Montreal are not of Montreal, they are of Athens Georgia, home of R.E.M, of course.

of Montreal play Amsterdam's Paradiso tomorrow, 21 January and Utrecht's Tivoli on Friday 23 January. Support is by Norway's Casiokids so get there for 19.30. Entry is €12.50 + membership.

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